Presented unkillable Unisoc phone with bendable screen

A new model of the Unisoc B4 smartphone has been released. The device features a large 80x120.50 mm diagonal display with a special system. The smartphone is equipped with S Pen interface, the main camera is equipped with a single lens. And the fingerprint scanner is built under the screen. The gadget is also equipped with a modern processor and a large screen resolution. The device is designed to work in any conditions.For example, the user can use it as a mobile Internet connection. Also, the device can work in the following mode: the user can connect to a Wi-Fi network, then access the Internet, then download a file, and finally listen to music.The Unisoc B4 smartphone is available in black and white versions.The initial cost of the model is 89 euros, the version with a discount is offered in a discount of 83 euros.The original article is here